Play Therapy

Play Therapy
Play Therapy

The Oshkosh Counseling Wellness Center¬†just completed a four week therapeutic art workshop entitled “Feeding the Soul”.

Each week the group members participated in creating small art pieces, the final night culminating with a dinner plate collage. The group members spent four weeks reconnecting with themselves as well as with a community of other group members. As “artistic archeologists” they explored their souls ” autobiography” getting acquainted and reconnected with parts of their own authentic selves that had been dormant. A group goal was to assist each member in deepening a relationship with themselves and other group members to learn who they were and honor that relationship more deeply with joy and gratitude. The plate represented for them the metaphor of feeding one’s soul, the plate acting as a vessel or platform to place all that was sacred in their everyday lives. The doing of the art acted as a meditative, insightful tool to stir up memories of reconnecting with themselves. “The creation of a collage is fascinating since the placing of one element against another creates unexpected nuances.” Play Therapy lays the early groundwork to help children free themselves from fears, conflicts and rages. The therapy environment is safe, private, and supports a small world of toys and materials. Through play therapy, children find ways to get along with themselves and others in a large and complex world.

Art Therapy is an effective treatment for clients of all ages that are developmentally, medically, socially, educationally, or psychologically troubled. This form of therapy shows success with individuals, groups, couples and families. Art Therapy utilizes art media, imagery, and creative processes. At OCWC we offer individual and family art therapy sessions, as well a groups and workshops for people of all ages.


  • Expresses emotions without feeling guilty or secretive
  • Decreases/eliminate tension, aggression, and anxiety
  • Improves coping with traumatic events
  • Improves balance, focus, and problem solving
  • Develops resources for parents and teachers to facilitate optimum development for the child
We Are Closing the Center on Fri, 27 May 2022. Our Owners Are Retiring
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