Grief and Loss Counseling

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Grief and Loss Counseling

If it feels like no one understands your stages of grieving, therapy may be able to help. Oshkosh Counseling Center’s grief counselors truly listen to clients’ experiences, help clarify the way clients are thinking about the loss, and assist clients to get support from their social network when they are ready. If desired, the Oshkosh Counseling Center can provide group counseling and support that includes other people who have had similar experiences. Whether in individual or group therapy, our staff understand that every person’s experience is unique and valid.

For more information on your stages of grieving and how counseling can be helpful for you, view this free online webinar from WellCast: “The Grieving Process: Coping with Death”

Their office is beautiful with a calm atmosphere. I love the fact that the staff gets to know your name fast and they greet you when you enter the lobby. The counselors know exactly what you need at the correct time. My healing process has been hard but they never gave up on me.

Tyler P.

We Are Closing the Center on Fri, 27 May 2022. Our Owners Are Retiring
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