Art Therapy

Art Therapy
Art Therapy

Art therapy uses the creation or viewing of art to help people discover and express their feelings. Unlike art for art’s sake, which focuses on the finished piece, art therapy (which typically employs paint, clay, charcoal, pastels, or other art materials) focuses on the process of creation itself. Moreover, the activity is undertaken primarily for its healing benefits rather than for the creative end result; in fact, the piece of artwork may never be shown to anyone outside the therapy session–and it is sometimes never finished. Art therapists believe that the act of making a piece of art triggers internal activity that contributes to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. For people who are not able or ready to create art, going to an art museum or looking through art books can also be helpful: Simply viewing art refreshes the spirit and promotes relaxation.

Art Therapy is an effective treatment for clients of all ages that are developmentally, medically, socially, educationally, or psychologically troubled. This form of therapy shows success with individuals, groups, couples and families. Art Therapy utilizes art media, imagery, and creative processes. At OCWC we offer individual and family art therapy sessions, as well a groups and workshops for people of all ages.


  • Expresses emotions without feeling guilty or secretive
  • Decreases/eliminate tension, aggression, and anxiety
  • Improves coping with traumatic events
  • Improves balance, focus, and problem solving
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