Nioh: Complete Edition v1 torrent download

Nioh: Complete Edition v1
Nioh: Complete Edition v1 torrent download

Nioh: Complete Edition v1
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Noh: edition is over

Release date: November 7, 2017

Genre / tags: RPG, Action RPG, Third Person, 3D

Developer: Team Ninja

Publisher: Tecmo Koei

Platform: PC

Machine: at home

Steam User Rating: 72% positive user rating (based on 839 ratings)

Interface languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazilian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

Audio language: English + Japanese

Crack: built-in (CODEX)

Minimum requirements:

Operating system:Windows 10 64bit, Windows 64bit, Windows 7 64bit

Processor: Intel Core i5 3550 or higher


Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 VRAM 3 GB or more / AMD Radeon R9 280 VRAM 3 GB or more

DirectX: 11

Hard disk space: 74 GB

Screenshots – click to enlarge If you do not see the screen, turn it off


Ready to die? Try the latest brutal action game Tim NINJA and Koei TecmoGame In the era of samurai, a lonely traveler on the coast of Japan. You have to move forward with the paraa cruel supernatural warrior and Yokai who plagiarized the country to find what you were looking for.

The full edition contains full games, as well as three extensions with additional story chapters: Dragon of the North, Defiant Honor, and Bloodshed’s End.

North dragon

This expansion opens the Tohoku area, where the Masamune loose Data dragon gathers spiritual stones in secret.

Honor challenging

Fight fight your way through the siege of the winter campaign of Osaka as the story of one of the generalsthe great period of the Revolt States continues, the brave Sanada Yukimura.

End of blood

Join the summer campaign of the Osaka siege as the period of warring countries ends in the last chapter of William’s story.

Exclusive Steam Bonus

Enjoy using Dharmachakra Kabuto, exclusive helmet for steam version of Nioh! You can claim your balloon to be chosen for a shelter

Repackaging pieces

ISO-release based (52,439,416,832 bytes) 100% Lossless MD5 perfect: those filesidentical to the original after the installation of GPDSCK available in the root of the game after installation, so you can play with normal control, and not with a standard crash (see this video for config -) tear No code, you can not download and install PDF Oriental (Japan, Korean, Chinese,) manual jump. The file size is much smaller (compressed from aGB) Installation takes 10 minutes (in SSD) 25 minutes (on hard disk) Check the integrity after installation, so you cancheck if everything is installed correctly in the hard disk space after installation: 74 GB. Languages ​​can be changed Game settings. At least 2 GB of free RAM (including virtual) required to install this is reinstalled by FitGirl

Problems during installation?

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