Successful Stories

Community Praise


When I first contacted OCWC I was not sure what I needed. I just knew I needed help and support. Shortly after I called inquiring about services I received a phone call from Rachelle. We talked for half an hour. I still remember she never used "you" everything was now "we". That phone call changed the direction of my life. "We" had a plan and goals. I have an amazing team of therapists at OCWC. Each of them has their own unique approach. I could not imagine going through my struggles without: Cathy, Alicia, Morgan, Andi, and Rachelle. I am beyond grateful to each of them for the support, patience, respect, and kindness they have shown me over the years. I would not be where I am, if it was not for the Oshkosh Counseling and Wellness Center.

“The office staff is so wonderful, they are always so pleasant and caring.”

“Mark is caring and understands what I am dealing with. He gives me coping strategies to help me understand more, tells me how far I’m getting, and that I am getting better. He is so kindhearted, he is there for me when I need him.”

“Cathy is always there for me. I love being able to cope and do art with her.”

“Robyn and RaChelle are loving and caring and always there for me. They help me understand the problems that I am dealing with.”

“Meeting Morgan I knew she was the right one for me as soon as I met her, she is loving and caring and she encourages me. She never puts me down and I appreciate that more than she will ever know.”